Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Bartering = win

Shortly after I set up my jewelry shop on Etsy I was introduced to trading. I joined several trading teams and have since then completed many successful trades. Most recently I have done several trades both for myself and gifts for my family so I thought I would share the lovely items I received.

I wont go into detail about what I traded to get these items, what's most important is the items i received , and the sellers behind them. Also I won't be sharing the items I got as gifts in-case the gift recipients see this, will save that for after they are given.

First up is Tessa Eltzroth from tessacotton.
I recived a lovely case from her for my kindle fire. Although I like my t-shirt one, I gotta say this crochet one tops it. 

  My kindle now has a winter coat. Don't think a thin t-shirt would've kept it warm. I'll save the shirt case for summer so it doesn't feel left out. 

 Next is mikeuchi from mikeuchi. Although I was tempted to just snag up a bunch of those cute little notepads these earrings just caught my eye. My notepad/journal collection will just have to wait. For these I traded a pair of my own earrings. 

These unique "Faceless Creature Black Earrings" are made of acrylic! I love that I traded my own earrings for these. Most jewelry makers don't like to trade for more jewelry so I was pleasantly surprised! 

Nursing pads anyone? I know I sure could have used some extras so was happy to get a trade going for 6 pairs of these wonderfully hand made nursing pads by Melissa Naiad from FaeArbor. Everything from her shop appearance to her cute packaging has me just loving her shop. If anyone needs re-usable nursing pads Melissa's  shop is the place to go. They are a great size and fantastic quality!.
I love crochet items. Okay you got me to admit it. I have been extremely interested in getting myself a crochet slouch hat for a long time just always ended up spending my money on my kids or jewelry supplies. So imagine my shock when Megan Sweet from AddSomeStitches contacted me back saying yes to a trade! Not a tiny trade either, enough to get myself a slouchy hat, my husband a beanie, 3 ball toys and a cute crochet loofah. I will save the other beanie picture for my gifts post later. Don't need him knowing what color it is also haha.

Megan was such a  fantastic person to trade with. Not only had I been wanting to get my hands on a slouch hat but turns out she has been wanting a chain-mail bracelet and I was able to trade that, and several other items for her wonderful crochet items. All the items I received are so great and I can't wait to hopefully do another trade in the future with her.

Finally we have Jamie from GoodKarmaCrochet. I mentioned I love crochet items right? Well I got a trade for an adorable crochet wolf hat. Not only does she have this cute hat but she has tons of other amazing hats as-well, seeming to specialize more in kids and babies hats. She has everything from Eeyore hats to lion hats oh and diaper covers to! 

 I have not received this hat yet as it..well has to be made :) I should in a couple of weeks though and I can't wait! I'm sure my sister will be very jealous of this one.

Well that is all! I will be back to share more amazing sellers sometime after the holidays. I love bartering, thanks for the trades everyone!


  1. I love this! Thank you for including me, and sharing all the other awesome sellers you've traded with!

  2. Thanks so much for mentioning my kindle case. I'm following your blog! Thanks again for the awesome trade.